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7 ways Drinksta is next level Twister

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Ok, let’s not fuck around, here is reason. number…

1. It has booze.

Pure (not that pure) and simple. Booze makes everything better. You don’t reach over and pour yourself a glass of salad after a bad day, do you?


2. It includes a workout.

It gets the blood flowing! Also a great stress relief from another one of them idiotic shart-canoe type of days.

Normal Twister has 4 colours and no challenges.

Drinksta has 4 colours + 8 animals + 20+ challenges that get you into some pretty funky positions.


3. It works for big humans and little ones.

…and medium ones, all of them basically. The game is really flexible. It can be for all occasions from a hen night, stag do, to family day out.

Our super complex mobile device application can adjust to any situation. Just switch the setting to the “setting” – (see what I did there)


4. It always stays updated.

Cardboard spinner? How does that update?

*best hippie impression* Apps are still cool man, yeah. Get on the Drinksta vibe and download fun onto your palm box.

Seriously though, updating an app is much easier than having to go out and buy a new spinner. We’ve also revolutionized the “mat” so that it is also easy to extend to make Drinksta better and better. #futureyo


5. It looks cool AF.

We’ve got much cooler stuff now than they did back in the 60s. We took full advantage of that and have used all of humanities extended knowledge to bring you a sexy looking game.

No plastic, no shite little spinner, just good looking, ice cold awesomeness.


6. Custom mat.

Our mat is well, not a mat. We slimmed it down to just the essentials meaning its easier to take to parties and it allows you to change the layout for every game if you want.

Need to play in a smaller space? No problem, just group them together.

Want to mix it up with special drinking rules for a specific colour? We got you.


7. No Plastic.

This is a more serious note. We want to make this as eco-friendly as we can so we’ll never use plastic and will be using recycled or eco-friendly materials where we can.

Fun doesn’t have to come at the expense of the planet.


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Much love. Dave & Jon.

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