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How Drinksta Changed My Life – The Ballad of Alfonso De Belle

Before we start this story, you need to know a few things.

  1. This story could be true, and in the coming years is very likely to happen. Look how much stuff the Simpsons predicted!
  2. This story will also be fun to read with your favorite beverage, so grab one if you haven’t already.
  3. Drinksta is a whole new way to play the classic game Twister. We’ll go into this later.

So, to the story and let’s waste no more time and introduce you to Alfonso De Belle. A fat, lazy man, who lived at home, whos main skill was disappointment.

Here is his story…

Meet Alfonse De Belle. Our soon to be hero.

Hello everyone! My name is Alfonso, Alfonso De Belle.
That’s me in the picture above at a house party. I was combining 2 of my favorite things which was to sit and eat.

In the foreground of that pic you can see some people playing a game of Drinksta (the soon to be #1 drinking game on Kickstarter). I had never seen it before, so, as you can see by the look on my face, I was curious.

The people playing were having so much fun!

Guys and girls that had only just met at the party were laughing, joking, drinking and they all looked so happy! I wanted that… but I didn’t feel ready to join in. Even though the game looked amazing, it looked like a bit of cardio and muscles were needed.

The next day, I decided to do a gym montage!
*Eye of the tiger starts playing in your head*

Start slow… That’s diet coke i’m drinking FYI.

Look at my legs go!
*You’re the best… aaaaarrrrrrround. Nothings-gonna-bring-you-down*

It doesn’t always go to plan.

The improvements were noticeable in such a short time. Almost “Unreal”.
*The one and onlllllayyyyyy. Can’t. take. that. away. frum. meh!*

I’m in the background but this pompous crotch-waffle-of-a-cat got in the way.

*It’s the final countdown… we’re leaving togetherrrrrr oh ohhhhh* (fades out)
So, training done! I’m feeling like a new man. Cardio is good, Yoga is good, Drinking tolerance is still good as we montage’d the shit out of the process.

Check. Me. Out.

That’s me, Alfonso, in the top right hand corner. Playing in my first competitive game of Drinksta!

I had an amazing time. I got to know everyone that played in the comp. We’re all great buddies now! The game lasted maybe 10 mins and we got through a beer in that time.

That was my story.
FYI – Drinking and cardio + straw drinking = Good time tipsy-ness.

A lot of few moments…

So, what now? As in all good stories we want to know “Where are they now!?”

We caught up with ADB as he likes to be known now at his retreat, in the foothills of a big mountain. Location can’t be disclosed for privacy reasons, obvs.

After the initial game, and winning no less, ADB became addicted. He brought his mat to every house party he ever went to to show off this amazing game, and his amazing new self.

Started winning local battles and his rep grew, gave himself a reputation as the best… Isn’t this a song? He now holds a world record for highest level achieved in a single Drinksta game and has won over 4 international comps!

But, he’s stayed humble…

ADB takes his fitness very seriously.

If you’ve been inspired or moved by ADB’s story, get your email in the box to keep updated for when you can get your hands on this epic, life changing, game.

Ciao ciao!

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