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How free animal cut-outs will get you drunk. 3 Steps.

As time goes on and we, the Drinksta team, realise more and more how much of huge undertaking it was to create a new drinking game, which has an app, custom mat and custom drinking goblets, we can see that the fans need something to fill the gap.

That is why we’re giving you free animal templates of the Drinksta drunken animals.

Fill in the form to get them, keep reading on how to use them.

“How the f*ck are these going to get me drunk?” I think I hear you say.

PSA: These are just a temporary solution until we get the mat and cups created.

The final product will be available on Kickstarter as soon as we get the logistics down.

Its taking a bit of time to get it to be as awesome as we know it should be.

Well… if you have an old version of Twister – or even just some paint and a floor you can mess up.

Please don’t do this in your house…

Step 1: Download and print the free animal cut-outs

You can get them on the “get yo’ free animals” page by putting in your email address.

You’ll then get an exclusive Premium Drunkness Fun-file that you can then take to your nearest printing outlet. You can even print them at home!

Once they are printed, you can keep them as paper thin, BUT we recommend going full arts and crafts and sticking them to some cardboard.

You’ll be using these daily (probably) and you’ll have to balance them on your body (one of the challenges in the game)


Stick the whole printed thing to card.

Step 1 complete. Congrats.

Step 2: Cut them out

Once you have your stickers, cut around them using scissors, a knife or your razor sharp wit.

With the cut out stickers, stick them randomly to your old Twister mat or where you have placed the dot things.

“Do they have to be in a certain pattern?”

Not at all! The more random the better, and you’ll soon find out that the more out of reach they are, the more drunk you’re going to get.

Check out some mat ideas:

Step 2 complete. Good work!

Step 3: Download the Drinksta app

Get it from the Google Play or the App Store

Step 3 complete.

Play Drinksta!

You now have all the the things you need to start playing Drinksta with your mates!


For the drinking, the person spinning can hand the players the drinks 🙂

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